07 November 2008

A Timeless Past-Time Anyway

Quilting. A timeless past-time. Cloth in hand. Thread through cloth. Sounds simple. Is not.

This evening I finished block A-13 Starlight - Starbright on my Baby Jane patterned after the amazing Jane Stickle original. Google "Dear Jane quilt" if you're not familiar with it. Anyway, this completes the first row of 13 blocks, each and every block different pattern and fabric. Now only twelve more rows, a dizzying array of border triangles and corners, then assembly and finishing. Quilting. I must live to 150 to finish this baby.

Anyway, here's the baby pictue of A-13. It will be all of five inches square when trimmed and 4.5 inches square in the quilt. I love this one dearly.

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