29 October 2008


Time for some updates:

1. I have some sad news. The little neighborhood chihuahua I called Piggy is with us no more. One of the neighbors found him dead in our front yard a couple of weeks ago. We had been exceedingly busy, gone a lot, and hadn't seen him for a few days but thought it was because we were on a different schedule. Possibly he had a heart attack for he wasfound lying on his side on the soft grass underneath a tender blue spruce by our front driveway. He knew we loved him, but I think he loved our salami. He is missed. He was a bright spot on the neighborhood scene.

2. Well, I'm now two months with the new glasses and they have been somewhat challenging. They are perfect for working at the sewing machine with my quilting project so I guess they are ok. I'd go back and get rechecked but there's still no guarantee the next ones would be better. I guess I did "get used to them" as the technician suggested, but they sure aren't my favorite glasses! (And YES, believe that a professional person said this!) Looks like I'll be shopping not only for glasses but a new opthamologist next time.

3. The Canada vacation continues to rest well in my mind. Whenever things get hectic, I just retreat to the silence and beauty of the remote Ontario lake country and breathe deeply. Here's another photo. Enjoy!

10 October 2008

Autumn Rising

Ah, autumn. My favorite time of year. The humidity of summer has evaporated. Even if the days are hot, the longer nights are cooling. My maple tree in front is tinged with red. However, without a frost I don't believe this is a good thing for I read only the trees not completely healthy have vivid leaves before cold weather. When we were in grade school my friends and I would gather the most brilliant red, gold, and orange leaves. Nancy's mother would melt a block of paraffin in a cut down coffee can. Regular Van Goghs, we would take our old brushes from paint-by-number kits and quickly coat the leaves with the melted wax.

Earlier this year I was worried about the absence of the bees. They never did appear. I did see a lone bee or two but never a honey bee. Then, the white butterfly bush which would be covered with monarchs had only a handful of visitors. The hummingbirds were at the feeder. Now, with it put away for some time the hummers are visiting the yellow gold nasturtiums in the pots. I still worry about the scarceness of our pollinators.

Hubby and I took a fabulous trip to Canada, to a remote island owned by a friend. It was a cherished gift and I found it totally interesting to see how I fell into a different rhythm without tv, computer, phone, lights, etc, etc, for over a week. I could actually just BE instead of always DOing.

Here's a photo of the lake. Pristine and untouched. Clear and deep. In Mother Nature's intended condition. And, no, I won't tell you where it is!