25 December 2008


Lately I've been doing some rummaging, sorting, shifting, and moving things around. Like my thoughts, "stuff", priorities, and my spaces. Last week I discovered my beloved Ikea work table would fit in the room I call an office (it is), a study?, mini-library, and now my sewing room. This table is 36" high. No bending over to cut or press fabric. Fabulous! Here's a photo of my room in transition, or expansion, or whatever. This is where I plan to spend as many hours as possible in 2009 working on quilts, especially my Baby Jane, in my creative space.

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Blue in Green said...

Hello Sylvan,
I love your philisophy, enjoying each day. Also love your creative space and glad I stumbled upon it. Please bring me back here as I would like to include a link to your blog from mine?
Thank you!
Best wishes