20 March 2010

Seize the Day

This week, immersed in laying out license plate letters and making a few signs, my mind kept busy spinning its threadbare story of how I don't have time or the ability to write.

So, this afternoon, feeling a little out of sorts because of my lack of haiku or verse this week, wrapping the last sign for tomorrow's shipment, the mini-billboard I held was shouting the real purpose of life: Carpe Diem.

I don't kid myself about my writing. I can turn out some decent haiku, occasionally a poem works, and sometimes feel deeply enough about a sycamore or person or thought to pen a short essay. Novelist, no. Mystery writer, no. But, give me a pile of old junkyard stuff, saw and paint, hammer and nails, and I'm prolific. As I pondered the Carpe Diem sign in my hand today, I truly understood time is not given to be wasted. And, there are many ways I write in my world.

14 March 2010

A Personal Profile in Courage

This is National MS Week. Multiple Sclerosis. About thirteen years ago our lovely young daughter-in-law was diagnosed with MS.

Before MS she was a teacher, cross country coach taking her team to levels they never imagined, downhill skier, and back country hiker and camper. A little over a year ago she began again to participate in outdoor sports in a different way. And, she is still teaching by demonstrating bravery, tenacity, and hope.

Meet C., our beautiful daughter-in-law. Here she is, back on skis for the first time since her diagnosis, in December 2008. Our son said it was the best Christmas present ever and his smile reveals that.

C., you are a true profile in courage and we love you very much.