06 July 2009

Quilt Festival

Shipshewana, IN had its first quilt festival in June and it did not disappoint. There were just over 80 quilts selected to be shown and I am happy to say mine was one! I was surprised to see how longarm machine quilting dominates hand quilting. Naively I still imagined hand quilting is preferable. I've had one top machine quilted and the quilter did a fantastic job. I went the machine route because I will never hand quilt all the tops I piece, only select ones. So, I shouldn't be surprised. A quilt top finished by the hands of a skillful longarm quilter is beautiful in its own way.

The grand prize was from Michigan. It is trapunto applique, machine quilted and very striking. It's the white with red. I was lax and didn't take the notes I should have.

An applique quilt with playful puppies also won a ribbon and is just a delightful piece.

My entry (top photo) was a variation of the pineapple block called Windmill Blades and I did hand quilt this one. I got excellent marks for my fabric choices, however the corners of the binding were my downfall. Still, not bad for only the 2nd quilt I've made. I feel because when I participate I succeed.

Sorry all the photos are at the top. Wasn't meant to be laid out that way but I just don't know how to insert them!


Pamela said...

Hey, Cathy, I love your post! I'm so happy that your quilt was a part of the show. Beautiful quilts you show here. Recently I saw some wonderful machine quilting and was very surprised at the beauty.

el poquito said...

Hey! I know Shipshewana! My Mom sewed - a lot. Once I was old enough to drive she'd send me down form Michigan to Shipshewana to the fabric store to purchase some of the heaviest duty denim around. I remember back then, the Amish used it for their work clothes. Mom would make pants for me out of the same; don't remember what else or who else got those heavy, stiff pants that would never wear out! That was some industrial strength denim!