28 August 2008

Give them 10 days

"Give them 10 days" the optical technician said when I removed my new glasses today and said I couldn't read a thing with the new bifocal prescription. The way eyeglasses are sold is such a crock of you-know-what. Prepay is the only way. Then when they aren't right you are given the run-around to straighten out the fuzzy mess. Seems the only way to get the old (perfect) bifocal prescription back is to see Doc again - after ten days. So I left the office with the new glasses perched on my face with their assurance I would get used to them but I fired back that it is like breaking in a new pair of shoes. If the shoes don't feel good right away you can get used to them perhaps, but they are going to cause a lot of grief. Same with glasses. I just hope I don't fall UP the steps or pour cooking oil on the burner like I did with the last pair of bifocals that were bad from day one. Ask me in ten days. Hopefully I'm just pessimistic about this. Anyway, for the next 10 days the old glasses will be with me all the time. Only good thing is the distance Rx is terrific.

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